Why I Deliberately Effed Up a Perfectly Decent Lemon Square Recipe

You Make It You Eat It

You’re looking at lemon squares. OK, circles. Very very ugly lemon circles, founded on delectable golden shortbread, crowned with mysterious disks of meringue. They taste amazing, but they are the result of a series of fuckups. I committed them on purpose, because it’s the only way I know how to learn.

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Kemet and Science: Medicine — African Progressive

Kemetyu medicine was a considerable science which contained the beginnings of a methodical approach, especially in the observation of symptoms, and this method doubtless passed to posterity by reason of its importance. The Kemetyu doctor examined his patient and determined the symptoms of his complaint. He then made his diagnosis and prescribed treatment. All the extant texts describe this sequence, from which it may be concluded that it was standard procedure. The examination was made in two stages some days apart if the case was unclear. Among the ailments identified and competently described and treated by Kemetyu doctors were gastric disorders, stomach swelling, skin cancer, coryza, laryngitis, angina pectoris, diabetes, constipation, haemorrhoids, bronchitis, retention and incontinence of urine, bilharzia, ophthalmia, etc.

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Ancient Kemet(Egypt) Afrikan /Sayingz — NOMAD WOMAN

Originally posted on newafrikan77: “Knowing Oneself!” was the most important spiritual ideas of Ancient Kemetians. The spiritual aspect of this idea is that within woman and man live the Netert/Neter(goddess/god) and the heavens(Universe) Another famous saying from ancient Egypt is “The kingdom of heaven is within oneself and the person who knows himself shall find…

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